Shalimar Jordie, Arabian Stallion


Black bay stallion, 15 Hands, Foaled 1986. Tail female line to Rodania through Daanaseyn (One of the most important daughters of Raseyn (Son of Skowronek). 59.4% Raffles, 50.5% Skowronek.

Shalimar Jordie

Congratulations to Dr. Wes and Velvet Hiser and Hiser Arabians of Caspar, Wyoming (307-473-9006) for the recent acquisition of Shalimar Jordie for their herd.

SHOW CAREER: Jordie has won multiple Championships and Reserve Championships in ATR and AOTR Western Pleasure. He has also won in the Open Division. He also won a Halter Championship the only time Dr. Dryden had shown him in this division. Additionally, his name frequently appears at awards time for the Southern Arizona Arabian Horse Association awards banquet despite the limited time Dr. Dryden had to show him each year.

USES: Jordie will be perfect if used as a finished, Nationals-quality, amateur adult or youth show horse. However, Jordie is also a superb, quiet, trained trail horse that carefully chooses his way over rugged terrain. He wonít knowingly get his rider into trouble. In addition, he is extremely comfortable with water and the presence of other horses. Jordie loves people and loves to be used for demonstrations, packing awestruck children on their first ride and greeting visitors. Show ring, trail riding, fair booths, parades, cattle roundups, strolling by the mares are all the same to this gentle, beautiful fellow--to be serenely and happily enjoyed in a relaxed manner. Jordie has not met a person, a horse or an activity he does not love. Life is a song, a gentle breeze, a liquid look through long black hair. Who could not love him. Shalimar Jordie

BREEDING: Shalimar Jordie was sold to Fable by Dr. Bill Munson as a yearling with the prideful admonition that he was the most perfect horse Bill had ever bred. While he and Mae were able, they yearly trekked to the farm to admire him and reconfirm their original judgement. They were not alone. Everyone loves this horse! Jordie has a large local fan club of knowledgeable horsemen and has been the center of much praise and Internet comment.

Not only is he an outstanding individual but he consistently produces pretty-headed, correctly-conformed foals that move well and have wonderful, loving, trainable personalities. He has produced beautifully when bred to quarter horses, Lippizaners, and purebreds. Most unusual for Arabian stallions, he has had two daughters that have passed the rigorous inspection to be approved for the Oldenburg Horse Registry of North America. His foals have little white other than a star or a snip on the beautiful heads and are usually bay. They are the first to greet you in the pasture and love to work. They are used for dressage, western, hunt and pleasure which encompasses everything from working cattle to trail riding.

Shalimar Jordie His pedigree is a distillation of the best from Bill Munsonís 50 year long Raffles breeding program of rigorous culling to produce the best conformed, athletic and friendly horse. There are no poorly conformed or bad tempered horses in his pedigree. His female line, the most important part of a pedigree, traces back to Rodania, one of the very best mares to come out of the desert. The concentration of Raffles blood causes hybrid vigor, increased size and consistency in what he produces. His foals are very similar.

COMMENTS: Most breeders would keep their Jordies. We have seven stallions and want to move them on to others after we have produced fine daughters and perhaps a son from them. Jordie has produced well for us and has patiently packed Bob around the show ring. We are glad to share him with a new loving family.

Shalimar Jordie Jordie loves small children. Our daughter when she was about ten used him to demonstrate horse conformation to a group of very young children and toddlers during an open house at the farm. We found them in his stall with four and five year olds under his stomach, between his legs--patting and praising. He loved it all. We have no other horse that would have tolerated so quietly such an entourage of visitors. Our daughter explained, "Oh, Mom, Jordie loves people! Itís okay." It was.

Jordie is so placid, it is difficult to get a photograph that does him justice. He is not upset by umbrellas, "bears" under tarps, mares in heat or loud noises. Life is to be enjoyed and savored, not get upset about. You must see him in person to savor his dark, shiny black-bay coat, profuse mane and tail, magnificent head with giant eyes and lovely free movement.

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