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Red bay stallion, presently 15 hands, born in 1994. His tail female line is to the Egyptian mare, Sobha, through the beautiful, big, athletic Raffles daughter Ylla, the foundation mare for the breeding program of Al and Joan Ehnle in Illinois. 52.5% Raffles, 44.2% Skowronek.


APPEARANCE: Perseus is a strikingly beautiful stallion with a very extreme head characterized by fluid motion, high jibbah, tiny muzzle and large, expressive dark eyes. His ears are tiny, and beautifully put on his head in front of a long, beautifully-shaped mitbah. His body is wonderfully balanced with a superb, long hip, good spring of ribs and fine legs. He has one white rear stocking. He has good bone and joints and large black feet. His mane flows below his shoulder and his tail trails to the ground. His movement is fluid and he has a free shoulder. He works well off his rear end.

USES: Perseus is being be used to work cattle, explore the mountains, compete in the show ring and trail ride. He is proving to be as good a breeding horse as his mother, father and older sisters have proven themselves to be.

PEDIGREE: His dam was a beautiful, bay mare who was utilized in performance for driving, western, hunt and trail and had a long show career at Sandarac Arabians in Illinois. She was one of our three best-producing mares over the 40 years of our breeding program. Perseus' two older sisters are all exceptional show and halter horses. Perseus' sire, Shalimar Zeus, has consistently produced superb quality offspring with good bone, tendons, long hips, mild dispositions and exceptional athleticism. The Sobha tail-female line is known for extreme heads, athleticism, size and physical beauty. The beautiful Silver line from Crabbett traces to Sobha in the tail female line.

Fable Perseus

COMMENTS: Perseus is one of the few males produced at Fable that has remained a stallion (we are extremely selective). He is beautiful, athletic, has an exceptional pedigree and few, if any, faults. He would be a wonderful herd sire for a breeder as well as a show and working horse.

R.M.D. 5-1-04

Fable Perseus

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