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Fable Spellbound Fable Apollo Fable Perseus Shalimar Conquest Fable Oz
Fable Spellbound Fable Perseus Fable Apollo Shalimar Conquest Fable Oz

FABLE SPELLBOUND #633251, 5/2/2007, Grey by Fable Spellbinder (PHP Dazl x Shalimar Rafala) x Fable Ambrosia (Shalimar Caribou x Shalimar Zuni)
Studfee: $1250

FABLE PERSEUS 508983, 1994, Bay, by Shalimar Zeus (Shalimar Caribou x Shalimar Zuni) x Sandarac Pepper (Sandarac Sanpiper x Shalimar Garalla)
Studfee: $1250

SHALIMAR CONQUEST 539447, 1996, Bay, by Shalimar Jerome (Jerico Zurick x Shalimar Jodie) x Shalimar Collette (Silver-Sp Winefti x Shalimar Colletta)
Studfee: $1250

FABLE APOLLO 577457, 2000, Grey by Shalimar Zeus (Shalimar Caribou x Shalimar Zuni) x Fable Preciosa (PHP Dazl x Sandarac Pepper)
Stud Fee: $1250

FABLE OZ # 646311, 4/8/2009, Bay by Shalimar Jerome (Jerico Zurich x Shalimar Jodie) x Fable Dahlia (Shalimar Zeus x Fable Camellia), $1250
Stud Fee: $1250

FABLE GIDALGO #621268, 3/27/05, Bay by Shalimar Zeus (Shalimar Caribou x Shalimar Zuni) x Fable Winngida (Shalimar Yuma x Bint Wingida)
Stud Fee: $1250

Contact Dr. Robert Dryden at Fable Arabians for breeding to these Skowronek line bred stallions and for details about breeding. (520) 298-7393. The above fees are for purebred Arabians. Inquire about part bred fees and group discounts.

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